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  • tanisha-warring

    Outlook 2010 causes my computer to freeze every time I try to open it.

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    asked on 1st Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


If the Outlook 2010 is causing the computer to freeze, then try these steps:

a) Try to open Outlook 2010 in safe mode. To do so, click on start > click on run > type outlook / safe and click on ok
b) Check if the computer is freezing
c) If it is not, then disable the unwanted add-ins from outlook
d) To do so, click on tools, click on trust center. Click on add-ins on the left pane
e) In the drop down list chose com add-ins and click on go
f) Uncheck the ones that you do not use
g) Save changes and restart outlook to check
h) If the outlook still freezes, then try to do a clean boot. To do so, follow these steps:
• Click on start
• Click on Run
• Type msconfig and hit enter
• On the System Configuration window, click on the startup tab
• Click on disable all at the bottom right
• Now click on the services tab on the top
• Ensure that you have a check mark in the box “Hide All Microsoft Services”.
• Click on disable all at the bottom right
• Save changes and restart the computer in the normal mode

Check if this helps. If the issue is not resolved, please re-post again

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