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  • max-haecker

    When I connect my new printer to the laptop, the newly found hardware wizard opens. Then it asks for a program to be installed and prompts for the location of the drivers. I have no clue about this. Plz help me.

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    asked on 11th Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


As you are trying to connect the new printer to the Laptop, I believe the software and drivers are not on your computer. You must have got a Drivers or software cd with the Printer.

At first put that cd in the computer .Once it starts running, it will give you instructions step by step for the installation of Printer.Please follow the instructions carefully.

If you do not have the software cd then go to the Printer Manufacturer’s website and use the make and model of the printer to find the drivers and the software.Download it and install it on the computer .
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