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  • damon-stallsworth

    Which program can speed up my computer, it seems to be little slow .

    Category : Operating System

    asked on 2nd Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


In case your computer is running slow we can try the following steps to make the Performance better.
1. Go to the Task Manager ,click on the Process tab check ccSvcHst.exe and check its properties
2. Now we can go to the System Configuration Utility.
To do so
1. Click on start->Click on Run->type Msconfig-> Click on ok .
2. It will open System Configuration Utility
3. Click on the services tab
4. Disable all of the Norton and Symantec Services
5. Click on apply and close and restart the computer.
3. Check if the computer is working better or not
4. If it is working better then enable the services from the System Configuration Utility one by one and find out which one is creating ccSvcHst.exe process
5. Try to Update the Norton software on the computer.

Also try to Tune up your PC a little bit

• Click Start->Click Run->Type Temp and click on OK->Delete all files
• Click Start->Click Run->Type %Temp% and click on OK->Delete all files
• Click Start->Click Run->Type Prefetch and click on OK->Delete all files
• Do Disc Cleanup
• Optimize internet explorer
• Try to do disk defragmentation

There are some programs that are available online which claim to speed up your system but you can use them at your own risk and make sure you download it from genuine websites.

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