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  • kyle-robinson

    When I scroll up on a program, it scrolls back down automatically irrespective of the program I’m using. It’s a windows vista machine.

    Category : Operating System

    asked on 26th Jul, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


It seems this is an issue with the mouse scroll button, please try these steps:

(a) Go to control panel Mouse settings page and check the settings in the scroll button tab.
(b) Disconnect the mouse and reconnect it.
(c) Uninstall and reinstall the mouse drivers if any.
(d) If you have a touch pad, download the latest drivers from the manufacturer website and install it.
(e) Please reset the BIOS to defaults.
(f) If you are using touchpad and external mouse, disable one.
(g) In laptop, get the touchpad cable reseated by a professional.
(h) Update the antivirus software in your system and run a full system scan.

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