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  • jaeseoung

    my installshield isn\'t installing OR uninstalling

    Category : Operating System

    asked on 18th Jan, 2012 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


The error message pertaining to ‘InstallShield’ actually indicates general installation issues (usually related to the setup file for the program you are trying to install or related to running programs and Windows components).

Try these steps and attempt to install the software after each one.

1. Copy the setup file to a location on the computer’s hard drive (for e.g. on the desktop) unless it already is.

2. Click Start and click ‘Computer’. Browse to “*Drive* \Program Files\Common Files\”, right click and ‘rename’ the ‘InstallShield’ folder to ‘InstallShield.old’.

3. Right click the ‘Taskbar’ and click ‘Task Manager’. Go to the ‘Processes’ tab and end all processes named ‘idriver.exe’ and ‘msiexec.exe’.

4. Create a new user account:
a. To do so, go to Start> Control Panel> User Accounts. You can name the new user account something similar to the affected one (not exactly the same though). Make sure you create this one as an ‘Administrator’ if the old one was an Administrator account.
b. Restart the computer or just log off and logon to the new user and check if it is working.
c. You can transfer the data over to the new account by copying the folders in C:\Users\*old user name* and pasting them in C:\Users\*new user name*. Click to merge files when you get the prompt.
You would still be able to use programs on the new user account through Start> All Programs.
Once you are absolutely convinced that all the files have been transferred over, you can delete the corrupted user account from Start> Control Panel> User Accounts.

If the problem still persists, put a Windows 7 disc in the drive and start an ‘Upgrade’ installation.

Note: Make sure to disconnect all external devices except the keyboard and mouse and turn off the antivirus before you start.

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