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  • lucylui

    Yeah guy I have a quick question I would love if you could reply back to me via email on this website. Is there any way to track down any deleted emails with attachments on the internet to make sure they are permenately gone? Please can you reply by email or on this website because my phone is out because of the crazy weather over here.

    Category : Hard Disk Drive

    asked on 5th Nov, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


The problem is that different email programs all use different approaches to storing their email. As a result, there's no one answer as to what happens when they delete a message. You have not mentioned the program/utility that you are using for emails. Web-based email like Hotmail or Yahoo, server-based email systems like Microsoft Exchange, or IMAP servers add another level of complexity that makes deleted email that much less likely to be retrievable. There may be some software vendors who claim to track/retrieve emails but it depends on the actual scenario.

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