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  • neilengelhard

    Can I make a secure backup of all the gadgets in Windows 7 Home Premium?

    Category : Microsoft Office

    asked on 23rd Oct, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


Please follow these steps:

1. Type the following code in the Start menu search box and hit enter.
Replace “C” with your Windows 7 drive and “Username” with your username. For example, if you have installed Windows 7 on “D” drive and your username is “Example” you would enter D:\Users\Example\AppData\Local\Microsoft
2. In the resulting folder, look for a folder named Windows Sidebar. As you can imagine, this folder contains your third-party gadgets.
3. Simply copy and paste Windows Sidebar folder to your desired location to backup gadgets.
4. You can also copy this folder to any other Windows 7 PC to start using your favorite gadgets. You can even transfer these gadgets from Windows 7 x86 to Windows x64 and vice versa.

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