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  • lucylui

    Hello I recently subscribed to yogi and filled out a username and password however when I went to sign in it said my password was incorrect so I went to reset it and it took me to page where it said the page you were looking for is not here. I'm confused is my account gone? I had to use another persons email to make a new account. Sorry I know this isnt where I'm suppose to write this but I don't know what happened. However I do have a question I would like to have answered along with the previous. I recently sent a picture email to one of my friends via cell phone and then sent it to her hotmail I deleted it off my computer's hotmail through the advance settings so i can never retrieve deleted emails and deleted cell phone'memory my friend did the same (our ipod touches both have email settings working so we can retrieve emails that way as well but we erased the email of there as well) my question is even though we both ''deleted'' it off is there still a chance the email can be lingering about on our computers cells or iPod touches hard drives/servers? Please be honest I need to comp techs help with this I don't know anything about computers.

    Category : Hard Disk Drive

    asked on 13th Oct, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


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