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  • martin007

    My outlook is unsble to send and receive emails. I have windows 6

    Category : Emails

    asked on 12th Oct, 2011 | 2 Answers | Log in to answer


If the network and your outlook itself work well, the most probably problem is your pst file is corrupted. Try some methods to repair it.
Microsoft has provided a free Inbox repair tool called scanpst. You can try it to repair your PST file. More detailed info can be found at
If that does not works, then you can try some third-party tools, in the following list:


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You have not mentioned the version of Outlook that you are using and what is the error message that you get when you try to send/receive mails. Please follow these steps:

(A) Make sure the internet is working.
(B) Check if all the mail accounts required are created in Outlook.
(C) Follow the steps given in the link
(D) Check for any firewall/antivirus blocking mails.

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