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  • solo99

    How can I install windows xp on y windows 7 laptop? I want both together.

    Category : Operating System

    asked on 14th Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


You have not mentioned if any version of Windows is already installed? If you are looking for a fresh install, I would recommend installing Windows XP first.

(a) First install Windows XP by regular process.
(b) You will need two separate partitions and Windows 7 needs to be installed on another partition.
(c) Now put the Windows & media and initiate a fresh installation.
(d) Choose the other partition which is clean and has free space.
(e) Proceed with onscreen steps to complete installation.
(f) Restart the system and it will give use dual OD boot options from which you can close one.
(g) For any installation related help, please go through

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