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  • hugh-landwehr

    I have a Windows XP computer. Whenever I try to open the ‘My Computer’ window, windows explorer stops responding. Is there a way to fix this?

    Category : Operating System

    asked on 9th Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


If the Windows Explorer stops responding when you try to open it, then follow these steps:

a) Disconnect any external peripherals connected to the computer, like printer, external hard drive. Make sure that there is nothing connected to the computer except for the keyboard, mouse and the monitor. Check if the issue still persists.
b) Reset the Internet Explorer. Please do this at your own risk. Resetting the Internet Explorer will delete all t he downloaded internet files, cookies, saved passwords and website history.
To do so:
• Open Internet Explorer
• Click on tools, click on internet options
• Click on the advanced tab
• Click on reset twice
• Re-open Internet Explorer and check if you are still getting the same error
c) Clear the temp folders
• Click Start->Click Run->Type Temp and click on OK->Delete all files
• Click Start->Click Run->Type %Temp% and click on OK->Delete all files
• Click Start->Click Run->Type Prefetch and click on OK->Delete all files
d) Disable the security software and try again
e) Uninstall any unwanted programs that you have installed on the computer
f) Check if you are facing the issue in Safe Mode. To go to safe mode:
• Restart the computer and keep hitting the F8 key on the OEM logo.
• It will take you the “Windows Advanced options menu”.
• Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight “Safe Mode” and hit enter on it.
• Press enter if you are prompted to select the Operating System
• Login using your username and password
• Check if you are facing the issue here.
g) If everything works fine in safe mode, then do a clean boot. To do a clean boot, follow these steps:
• Click on start >> click on run >> type msconfig and click on OK.
• On the System Configuration window, click on the startup tab, click on disable all.
• Again, click on the services tab, check the box that says “Hide All Microsoft Services” and then click on disable all.
• Apply the changes and restart the computer back to the normal mode to check if that has fixed the issue.
• If it has, then we will go to start >> click on run >> type msconfig and click on OK
• On the system configuration window, go to the services tab and click on enable all
• Restart and check if the system is working normally. If it is, then it is an issue with the startup items. If the system is not working fine, then it is an issue with one of the third party services
• So, we would have to follow the divide and conquer method to identify which startup item or service is causing the issue

Please re-post if the issue is not resolved

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