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  • kelvin-quinteros

    I have a word doc which is shared in my network and I want to track changed what changes have been made. How can I track chnges in word 2007?

    Category : Applications

    asked on 29th Jul, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


To Begin Track Changes in Word 2007:

To keep track of the changes you’ll be making to a document, you must click on Track Changes icon. To start Tracking Changes:
• Click Review Tab on the Ribbon
• Click Track Changes
• Make the changes to your document and you will see any changes you have made.
Document Views
There are four ways to view a document after you have tracked changes:
• Final Showing Markup: This shows the document with the changes displayed
• Final: This shows the changed document, without the changes displayed
• Original Showing Markup: The original document with the changes displayed
• Original: The original document without any changes.

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