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  • stevewilliams

    I work on excel on my home computer quite frequently as I like to wrap up my work related stuff before going to bed. But last night when I opened an excel file, it did not work. Instead, I got the error message ‘weeklyreports.xls not a valid Win32 Application’. I need to finish this by the weekend. Any suggestions?

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    asked on 30th Jun, 2011 | 3 Answers | Log in to answer


It must be excel file corruption. I should recommend you tool below

software supports restoring *.xls, *,xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx and *.xlam formats of files

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This error message shows that your xls file may be corrupted for some reason, try some tools to repair it will help.
Advanced Excel Repair is a good tool used to repair corrupted xls, you can follow this steps to do the recovery:


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This issue may be due to corrupt file association. You have not mentioned the version of Windows or Office. Anyways, try In My Computer, under the Tools > Folder Options, File types tab, make sure that .xls is defined to open with Excel. You can also click start>control panel>default programs and for Excel see if the association is correct.

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