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  • ted-desanto

    When I play a DVD in VLC media player, the video keeps pausing. The OS is Windows XP. How to fix this issue?

    Category : Applications

    asked on 14th Sep, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


Earlier was VLC able to play video files with no issues? Is this happening just with some video files or any video files? Did you try another media player? Please try the following:

(a) Check the video filter settings in the preferences. If you recently made any changes, try to reset to defaults.
(b) Check if you have the latest codecs and their integration with VLC.
(c) Update the VLC player to the latest version.
(d) Update the Video card drivers.
(e) Check for the version of DirectX and other supporting files
(f) If it is a HD video, free up resources before playing the video.

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