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  • cody-engberg

    I was trying to format some cells in a Microsoft Excel 2007 sheet. An error is coming that there are too many different cell formats. What does this error mean?

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    asked on 12th Sep, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


This problem occurs when the workbook contains more than approximately 4,000 different combinations of cell formats. A combination is defined as a unique set of formatting elements that are applied to a cell. A combination includes all font formatting (for example: typeface, font size, italic, bold, and underline), borders (for example: location, weight, and color), cell patterns, number formatting, alignment, and cell protection.

To resolve this problem, simplify the formatting in the workbook. For example, the following are suggestions for simplifying formatting:
• Use a standard font.

Using the same font for all cells reduces the number of formatting combinations.
• If you use borders in a worksheet, use them consistently.

NOTE: If you apply a border to the right side of a cell, it is not necessary to apply a border to the left side of the cell that is to the right because the borders overlap.
• If you apply patterns to the cells, remove the patterns by clicking No Color in the Patterns tab of the Format Cells dialog box.
NOTE: After you simplify or standardize the formatting in the workbook, save, close, and then reopen the workbook before you apply additional cell formatting.

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