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  • robin-guignard

    A few months ago I was trying to find a song on my sister's Windows Media Player, so I clicked on the Now Playing tab and video clip started playing.What is that? Was that something she downloaded or is it some sort of virus?

    Category : Applications

    asked on 6th Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


Your question may have many answers including the possibilities you have mentioned. Once the video file is playing, check its location and you will be able to get some idea. It’s also possible that you are connected online and the video is being played from some link. First disconnect from internet and see if the file plays next time after a restart of the system. If the file is locally stored in your system, its possible she has downloaded it or it got downloaded accidentally as well. Please scan your system with the latest updated antivirus and anti spyware software.

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