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  • 1bucky

    Avast placed a threat in to the virus vault last night and for some reason I then deleted it from the vault. This morning when I boot up the laptop and try to open applications such as internet/live mail nothing happens. When trying to access websites via desktop shortcuts I get 'There was a problem sending the command to the program' message. Thought I would try restoring system to 24 hours ago but nothing happens when I select system restore. Help much appreciated as I particularly need to access my calendar in Windows Livemail. Strangely, I can access the internet by clicking IE 64 bit from the start/programs menu but not Windows Live mail that way. Thank you.

    Category : Security

    asked on 25th Sep, 2011 | 2 Answers | Log in to answer


Many thanks uttam.

I was unable to launch Avast to update it but I did manage to access System Restore from safe mode so returned laptop to three days ago and all seems to be fine. I can now launch my programs as normal and Windows update has appeared again so that's all done. Ran Avast complete scan which was clear and overnight did Superantispyware and just found 82 cookies.

I have been able to check Avast logs and the trojan which I believe caused the problem was cycbot K1. From googling it, it sounds like I would have had the same problems if I had left cycbot in the virus vault.

My greatest fear was that I would have to reinstall Windows 7! but so far so good.

Thanks again.

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Please try the following steps:

(A) Update the Avast software and run a complete system scan in safe mode.
(B) From the control panel, reset the default programs.
(C) Run a Windows update.
(D) Delete the TEMP directory.

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