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  • mike5043

    There is a ‘system tool’ on my computer. It showed up last week and won’t leave me alone.

    Category : Security

    asked on 15th Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


We need to follow these steps.
• Boot in Safe mode with Networking.
• Restart the computer and keep tapping F8.
• Once you get Windows Advanced options, select Safe mode with Networking.
• Once you are on the desktop go to Task Manager and kill any process running for System Tool.
• Now go to C:\Windows\Program files and delete any folder regarding system tool AntiVirus.
• Download and install Malwarebytes from and install it.
• Once it is installed update it and run the scan .
• Once the scan is complete , clean the infections found.
• Clear the temp folders. To do so, follow these steps:
o Click Start->Click Run->Type Temp and click on OK->Delete all file
o Click Start->Click Run->Type %Temp% and click on OK->Delete all files
o Click Start->Click Run->Type Prefetch and click on OK->Delete all files
• Do a disk cleanup
• Reset internet explorer .
Restart the computer and check the resolution.

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