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  • geoffrey-klement

    On my net book no matter if I restart it or not there is always a shadow of some sort of alert speaking bubble that I can not figure out how to get rid of. It is over websites, word documents, and even the desktop background

    Category : Security

    asked on 6th Aug, 2011 | 2 Answers | Log in to answer


It seems that your computer is infected with a nasty virus that can take over control your desktop, system files, pictures from your computer secretly you should be aware. In order to get rid of such stubborn virus, if you are a computer newbie, you could contact online tee support for help.

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This could be a malware. Please update your computer security software and run a full system scan, possible in safe mode. Check for the task manager processes tab and end any process that you have not installed. Then if the program is identified, try to uninstall it.

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