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  • randolph-cocklin

    my netgear wireless router wont work, idk whats wrong with it. it suddenly stopped working, i hooked my modem into my laptop and it had internet, but when i had my modem hooked to my router it wont work anymore, its hooked up fine i kno that cuz it was fine before!!

    Category : Hardware & Peripherals

    asked on 6th Jul, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


There can be many reasons why the Net gear router is not working right now, also many meaning come out of the sentence “not working” you should have given the exact issue. I will advise you some steps here that you can try, since you have not mentioned the exact model, I can provide you the generic steps:

(a) Please make sure the router is receiving good power from the original adapter. The power LED must be lit up.
(b) Please try to connect to the router through the cable to your computer (direct connection, remove the modem in between)
(c) Open a web browser and put the default IP and try to connect with username and password, if it connects Router is good.
(d) If the router does not connect, try to reset the router by using a clip to press the router reset button. If you are unable to locate the button see documentation.
(e) If step C works, the issue could be with the wireless, so in the login page, click wireless TAB and reset all wireless settings.
(f) Now configure back the wireless and then try to connect.

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