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  • zdravkotomic

    rtl150.bpl after sistem open

    Category : Hardware & Peripherals

    asked on 15th Jan, 2012 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


BPL files are generally related to software development. If the error message contains the name of a program, it indicates a corruption in the files of the program and you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it to fix the issue (or repair it depending on what the program is).

If there is no definite indication of the program the file is associated to, follow these steps to determine that:

1. Type ‘msconfig’ in Start> Run and click OK. This would open the ‘System Configuration’ utility.
2. Go to the ‘Startup’ tab and look for any entry that contains “rtl150.bpl” in the description.
3. Uncheck it, click OK and restart the computer.
4. If you do not find the file in ‘msconfig’ or if the problem persists after the system restarts, click the ‘Disable all’ button in the ‘Startup’ tab of the ‘System Configuration’ window.
5. Click OK and restart the system.
6. If the issue is resolved, you will need to enable the programs you disabled (one or two at a time) and restart each time to figure out which one was causing the problem.

Once you find out the program, you can either uninstall it or (in case you need the program) contact its manufacturer and get an updated version if available.

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