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  • benita_world2011

    I called AT&T and they said there is nothing wrong with their settings and I have to contact computer support. My problem is I am not able to check emails, websites. I can’t go online. Please help me.

    Category : Networking

    asked on 21st Jun, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


In case you have already contacted AT&T and they have checked all of the settings on their side we will go ahead and check the settings on the computer for the internet connection problem.

We need to follow these steps.
• Although AT&T has checked the settings , please go ahead and check the cables and the connection of Modem or the internet device to the computer.
• Reboot the computer and Modem in an order.
• Try to boot in Safe Mode with Networking and check if you are able to use the internet here or not.
If you are able to use internet in Safe Mode with Networking then try Clean boot.
• Click on start >> click on run >> type msconfig and click on OK.(If windows XP)
• It will open System Configuration Utility.
• On the System Configuration window, click on the startup tab, click on disable all.
• Again, click on the services tab, check the box that says “Hide All Microsoft Services” and then click on disable .
• Apply the changes and restart the computer in normal mode to check if that has fixed the issue or not.
• If it has, then we will go to the System Configuration Utility again.
• On the system configuration window, go to the startup tab and click on enable all. Click on apply and restart the computer.
• We have to enable the startup items one by one or in groups to find which one is creating the problem
• So, we would have to follow the divide and conquer method to identify which startup item is causing the issue.
• Similarly if some service is creating the message then we need to do the same process with the Services.
• After disabling the problematic item from the startup we need to delete the folder from the registry as well to avoid future conflict.
• Click on start->Click on Run->type regedit and click OK
• Take back up of the registry and delete startup and startupreg folder.
• Navigate the keys and delete the startup and startupreg folder.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg
Restart the computer once more to check the resolution.

It requires a little bit of time and patience as we need to restart the computer many times.

If you are not able to use the internet in Safe mode with Networking then follow the steps below.

• Check the Ip address on the computer .
Go to the command Prompt and type ipconfig and hit enter.
If the IP address ranges from or then follow these steps
If you get media state disconnected then got to step 2
1. Restart the DHCP service from services.msc.
2. Try this command in the command prompt, ipconfig /renew.
3. Check the Network card on the computer
4. Go to Device manager->Check for Network adapter->Try to update it
5. Uninstall and reinstall Network card
6. Try to reset winsock by this command , netsh winsock reset. Restar the computer and check.
7. Reinstall TCP/IP.
• Go to Network connections
• Right click on the Lan settings
• Go to Properties
• Click on TCP/IP
• Click on uninstall or install and follow the instructions
Restart the computer and check.

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