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  • clinton-brodbeck

    I can't enable a wireless connection on my Windows XP-based compute as the LAN adapter is not functioning. What should be done to fix this issue?

    Category : Networking

    asked on 11th Sep, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


If the wireless LAN adapter is not functioning, there maybe issues with the adapter driver. But first, please ensure the LAN is enabled in your system. Normally there is a switch or a keyboard shortcut to enable wireless in laptops. Look for your system documentation to know more about this. Also check if wireless adapter is disabled in BIOS.

If everything is ok, there may be issues with LAN adapter drivers in your system. You can visit the system manufacturer’s website and download the latest LAN card drivers compatible with the current OS and then install it as administrator. Once done, check device manager for any conflicts, if there is a conflict, remove it.

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