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In the brave new world of today, there’s technology in every home and all people across generations use some form of advanced technology or the other. Almost everybody owns a mobile phone with in-built features like MP3 player, digital camera and Internet access. Almost everybody has a computer at home. And almost everybody faces challenges with the technologies they use because they are the users and not the creators of - nor are they trained to deal with - these technologies. Having solved over 3 million issues in five years, iYogi has come to realize that most users want answers to their questions, they want to understand the technology they use, they want to try to fix the problem themselves and only if they cannot, do they want to go for professional tech support. iYogi has always believed in earning Good Karma by relieving frustrations users face with their everyday technologies and we’ve decided to open another platform. is the place where your tech questions will be answered by iYogi Certified Technicians. The forum will also be open to others who are able to prove that they are either technicians or experts before they provide answers to you. Ask any question related to your computer, operating system, connected devices like digital cameras or peripherals like printers or scanners or for software you want to install, uninstall or customize. You can even ask something as simple as “Why is my computer so slow?” The answer you receive will be from a bona fide technician and we will not charge you anything for asking questions or getting answers. Your time spent on this site and any interaction with or through the site will be completely FREE of charge, with no strings attached. is our way of giving back to the users around the world who have helped us to become the first global consumer services brand from India. We hope you enjoy engaging our technicians in Q & A sessions and make them prove their mettle. Enjoy Uday Challu CEO – iYogi Technical Services