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  • elnora_gerace

    In IE8 I had the option to check all recently visited websites and access anyone of them from the drop down. But in IE9 I don’t see any such drop down its limited to only 5 visited websites. Is there any way to increase the drop down list? Or do I have uninstall IE9?

    Category : Browser

    asked on 22nd Jun, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


There need to be some settings done for what you want to achieve. To see your browsing history in IE9 the way you use to with previous versions, simply navigate to Menu>Tools>Internets Options - Content Tab - AutoComplete...check Address Bar but uncheck all four(4) options under it. When you do this, your address bar drop-down list will display the last 25 websites you typed in. Hope this helped.

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