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  • tyrone-neagle

    In Google Chrome how to change the settings for SSL certificates?

    Category : Browser

    asked on 5th Sep, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


To set up your SSL settings, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click "Customize and Control Google Chrome" menu.
Step 2: Click "Options" button.
Step 3: Under "Google Chrome Options" window select 'Under the Hood" tab.
Step 4: "Under the Hood" tab go to "Security" section.
Step 5: Click "Manage certificates" button.
Step 6: In the "Certificates" window you can Import, Export and Remove your SSL certificates
Step 7: To setup computer-wide SSL settings follow this step.
• 'Use SSL 2.0': This is an older version of the SSL protocol that is less secure. However, some websites may require visitors to use this version when browsing. If so, select this option only if you trust the website.
• 'Check for server certification revocation': Turn on real-time verification for the validity of a website's certificate, for extra security. A certificate can be revoked by its third-party issuer if it detects that the certificate has been compromised or stolen.

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