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  • alejandra-sandiford

    How can I set up a network connection on my laptop. The operating system is Windows 7. Thanks.

    Category : Internet

    asked on 17th Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


The answer to a similar query as posted by you is here at given below Please follow all the steps mentioned in this link. You can also go through the link for additional details and steps.

• Choose Start→Network and click the Network and Sharing Center link.
• Click Set Up a Connection or Network.
• Make sure Connect to the Internet is highlighted and click Next.
• Select the Broadband option.
• Enter your username and password information and a connection name, if you wish, and then click Connect.
• Click Finish when the wizard finishes scanning your connection.
• You'll have to wait for a couple of minutes while Windows Vista scans and tests out the connection. Click the Finish button when the Wizard is done working its magic.

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