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  • alton-nevares

    In the beta of 2010, I was easilly able to upload files and documents I created in office to skydrive. Upgrading to the RTM, I thought it'd be of the same ease; and it was, until now. I haven't been able to upload my documents up for a while.. word, excel, ppt.. nothing can be saved to skydrive VIA office. Something somewhere gone wrong and I have no idea why.. I kept getting "can't connect to ....*skydrive locations*...." errors..

    Category : Internet

    asked on 13th Aug, 2011 | 1 Answer | Log in to answer


Ensure the latest version of Internet Explorer is installed on the computer. If the issue still continues in-spite of using the latest version of Internet Explorer try the following steps:

1. Login to SkyDrive using your Windows Live account and then navigate to My Documents.
2. Upload a document created using an Office application (Word / Excel / PowerPoint / OneNote)
3. Edit and save the document in the browser and verify if Office Web-apps gets enabled
Also try the below step to check the services:

1. click on Start
2. into Search box type: services
3. under Programs click on Services
4. in the list look for sevice named WebClient
5. right click on the WebClient and then select Properties
6. make sure that this service is not stopped. If it is, as was in my case, Start it
7. Startup type should be set to Automatic

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