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Do I have to sign in to use the AskiYogi Forum? No. To merely explore the site and search for answers you are not required to sign in. However to ask a question or to use this forum to its full potential you will need to sign in. Why should I sign in? AskiYogi is a community forum for the support of tech users. If you want to participate by asking questions or answering others’ queries and/or building a reputation for yourself with other members, you'll need to authenticate your identity by signing in. Do I need to create a special account to sign in to the AskiYogi Forum? No. You can sign in with an existing Facebook, Gmail or Twitter ID. How do I get an AskiYogi iD? 1. Click SignUp on the Home Page 2. Create a username 3. Create a password 4. Provide email ID 5. Click Submit How do I find answers to my question? There's a good chance that someone has already asked the question you have in mind, and that someone else has answered it. Before you post a question, you may search for it. On the top right there is a search box which you can use to see the questions already asked around the same topic. Or, as you type your question our predictive ask bar will show you a list of questions already available on the forum which are similar or same. You can select any one of these predictive answers and you’ll be taken to the page where that question was asked and the answers, posted. You May also use the category tab and navigate through the related categories to check if a similar question exist. How do I post a question? Simply type in your question and click submit. If you are not signed in, it will prompt you to sign in. How can I edit my question? Click on the edit button below the question. Make the changes you wish to and then click on Submit. How can I view or modify my profile? Click on your profile picture or My Account and you’ll be in your user profile page. To modify any personal information click on Edit Information Why is there a report abuse button on the site? If you find any objectionable content on this site and want to let the site administrators know then you should use this button to specify the type of abuse it is and add any comments. Objectionable content could be: Content related to harassment or threats, child abuse or exploitation, inappropriate or adult content, racial or discriminatory in any way, profanity, piracy, spamming, virus, spyware or malware or any violation of the terms of use clearly stated by the site owners and administrators.