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    Microsoft FrontPage 98 is a unique website creation and management tool that includes support for intelligent design assistance, expanded site management and state-of-the-art web technologies. Th

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Mac Question

After hosing my windows 7 installation in my bootcamp partition, right after installing Yosemite I decided to use time machine and revert back to Maveriks, that done I went ahead and deleted the partition so I could go ahead and reinstall Win 7 using bootcamp again, thing is I've lost my hard drive, it shows in system preferences-start up disks- but not in finder nor in "about this mac-system information" so my question is where the hell did it go? so bootcamp can use it to reinstall win7

4 days ago.

Hi there, We have a project we lauched on October 6, 2014 on Indiegogo you might be interested in. Our Neckset is a device that helps the multifunctional ways of using smartphones. Please see our site and if you find it interesting we'd love to see a post on your blog/site. Indiegogo site: Thanks, the Neckset Team

14 days ago.
Why I can't download the !8.0.2 27 days ago.
How can I retore iPad from an earlier date?

I backed up iPad in iTunes. I restored iPhone 6 from this back up. I then installed the new Apple operating system. When I went to restore my iPad, the only backup showing was the iPhone. So I backed it up to my iPad. Now my iPad wants a simm card to restore my apps. Where can I find my earlier iPad backup? Or, how can I restore my apps and data?

28 days ago.
My ipad is getting warm and cutting out Ô

I am playing real racing and my pads getting very warm and keeps cutting out

85 days ago.
i dropped my iphone in water, and it wont turn on

i dropped my iphone, and i put in rice for a day. the red water indicator on my phone isnt on, but my phone turn on. is the battery dead?

89 days ago.
after a charge to the computer, the phone reset to what is language, country, and will not reset

i cannot access itunes as says to go to icloud first, but cannot access phone at all

103 days ago.
Itunes says I need to restore my iphone in order to use it with itunes?

I plugged my phone into my laptop to sync with itunes. It asked if i wanted to update my iphone. I said yes. At the end of the update, my iphone restarted and the apple icon with the loading bar underneath appeared on the screen. I noticed that it wasnt loading at all. After waiting for quite some time and it still not loading at all I decided to restart my iphone. I also unplugged it from the computer. When i plugged it in again, it said that Itunes has detected and Iphone in recovery mode and that i must restore it before it can be used with itunes.

120 days ago.