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ipad mini shuts down unexpected,

Also doesnt send pics attached to e-mails

4 days ago.
Yes I would like to know what and why does this warning comes up?

I just used my Disk Utilities to repair my permissions and I got this waring ; SUID file “System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/” has been modified and will not be repaired. What is SUID file? I've never changed anything and how could it happen? Thank you

10 days ago.
people cannot hear me talking when in phone call. mute and airplane are not on

i have turned phone off too...for iphone 5C

75 days ago.
recently got iphone 3gs, stays on apple logo, wont go farther than that?

the phone when i turn it on, the apple logo comes on for about 5-10 mins then it has a loading symbol, then shuts off and does the same exact thing? any help?

75 days ago.
Mac Question

After hosing my windows 7 installation in my bootcamp partition, right after installing Yosemite I decided to use time machine and revert back to Maveriks, that done I went ahead and deleted the partition so I could go ahead and reinstall Win 7 using bootcamp again, thing is I've lost my hard drive, it shows in system preferences-start up disks- but not in finder nor in "about this mac-system information" so my question is where the hell did it go? so bootcamp can use it to reinstall win7

98 days ago.
Why I can't download the !8.0.2 120 days ago.